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Publish Date: 24 November 2019 - 09:25

Martyrs supported Palestinians in their wills

Supporting from oppressed people especially Palestinians is one of important subjects in martyrs’ wills:
Martyr Hussein Ashtiyani: my brothers and sisters, I recommended you to persistence, piety, obligation and obeying from the leader. We have a crucial responsibility, I again repeat we have a crucial responsibility. God is observing our behaviors. Palestinians’ unplaced children, tearful Afghan old women and oppressed Muslims having hope on our nation and Imam Khomeini.

Martyr Hussein Shakeri: Mother! Give thanks to God for raising a child who raised for destroying enemy of God and Islam, however, mother! When I would be in peace that all Palestinian’s children be free as well as Iranian children.    

Mother! If I become martyrdom, won’t become sad and give thanks to God because I chose the path of prophets.
Martyr Ja’far Salehi: Regards to my dear wife who tolerant our separation for God’s sake, for people’s peace, for the Revolution and for fighting with all problems that people of world encounter with them. I truly understand you which, what is your condition, what are you thinking to and tolerating pressure of these thoughts are not simple. But this tolerance is not only for me or youself, it is for God’s sake, it is for the suffered nation, it is for martyr’s families, it is for dear Imam, it is for poor people of Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, it is for mourn of orphans which, they are dreaming their fathers, and it is for thousands of youths who attacking the enemy and made them unable.   

Martyr Mahmud Moravej: O’ western and eastern mercenaries and O’ criminal America, O’ fake Human Rights organizations, oppressed nations would ask you why do not you hear screams of little Palestinian’s and Lebanon’s child who lose their life under crimes of Israel, why don’t you answer them? So down with your deathful deceits which, is root of all these corruptions. You must know that Iranian nation won’t tolerant all these criminals and would fight with anti-human Zionist until last drop of their blood.

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