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Publish Date: 11 September 2019 - 17:15
The book;

The book "Immortal Sunset" will be published in the memory of Munafiqin from Mersad operation

The book "Immortal Sunset" contains memories from the seprated members of Munafiqin organization at the Mersad Operation.

The book

Navideshahed - The book "Immortal Sunset" writes by Reza Jamshidi. The following book is a narration of memories from the seprated members of Munafiqin organization through the Mersad operation,RezaJamshidi announced.
Some of the Munafiqin members had left the crucial organisation or ran away from it after the Mersad Operation. after a short time, they started to published their memories from the Mersad operation. They called it as a "Immortal Sunset". I collected those memory to creat them as a book.
Reza Jamshidi also explained about his another books such as: "The Difficult Days that I  Had" and "name: Sayyed Reza". The first book narrated the memory of a women whose husband and brother arrested as captive by the Iraqi forces at the first day of Iran and Iraq war. The women whose name was Batool was pregnant، she did not know what to do under the rain of heavy chemical attacks ... and the second book is the memories from two Iranian forces who had ran away from the Bathi prisons.
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