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Publish Date: 25 August 2019 - 20:10

Readable interview with martyr Andarzgou's wife

We prepared a historical interview with Kobra Seil Poor, martyr Andarzgou'swife who had a meeting with the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Readable interview with martyr Andarzgou's wife

- many revolutionary fighters were arrested by Savak and were tortured in the Pahlavi's prisons which was too hard for them and for their families. Here is an interview with Kobra Seil poor that you can read:

Explain us about your meeting with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Every year i went to visit Imam Khamenei on the eve of the Hazrat Zahra's (SA) birthday anniverssary, but this year i was sick and i could not go. Imam Khamenei made me proud and came to my home on the eve of the Hazrat Zahra (SA) birthday. I could not believe that Imam Khamenei came to our home, it is a great proud for me that he came to visit me and asked for my healing process.

Readable interview with martyr Andarzgou's wife

Could you please explain us about your suffers in your life?
Thoes hardships made me helpless. The very old women go to Karbala and Mashhad but i can not walk, i need a nurse who take care of me for all the time.

When you were young, you spent your time in changing your place from one  ity to another...
Yes... it was too hard for me and for our children. after the Islamic Victory, i started to make school for the people in the Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari province. I visited the villages every 20 days.

Tell us about your trips with 4 children...
When we ran away from Tehran to Afghanistan, we had only a children...  we moved back from Afghanistan to Mashhad and remained there for along time. Our 3 children were born there during the time. We changed our house alot since the martyr Andarzgou's Islamic activities.

Explain us about your activities after the martyrdom of martyr Andarzgou....
After the martyrdom of Mr.Andarzgou, we lived in secret. We could not go anywhere, no body knew where we were ...until the victory of the revolution. I hated the Pahlavi regime and i appreciated martyr Andarzgou to stand against the pahlavi regime.

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