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Publish Date: 10 August 2019 - 14:28
Martyr Mohsen Hojaji in the narration Milad Malekzadeh;
His cell phone was full of photos which looked with regret and it sounds he had many words in his heart.
Where are you my friend?

His cell phone was full of photos which looked with regret and it sounds he had many words in his heart.

Navideshahed – my name was at the list but Mohsen went first … His cell phone was full of photos which looked with regret and it sounds he had many words in his heart. He never thought that one day he would show their photos to improve their friendship. They had a very close relationship with each other as we can see in their photos… his name is Milad … their relation started from the high school period in Najaf Abad. During the years they separated from each other and after some years their golden friendship period started as they joined the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. This is a very important point which would made strange events. The events which made Mohsen historical and Milad, the narrator of a historical man.

Where are you my friend?

How was your relationship with Mohsen?

We had a very close relationship with each other since whoever wants to speak about Mohsen remembered me as his close friend. Our friendliness refers to the military service at the Najaf Al Ashraf battalion.

Tell us about Mohsen's characteristics?

He was the master of the soft war, he loved the cultural activities. He loved martyr Kazemi too much … Mohsen was devoted to martyr Kazemi.

Where are you my friend?

Had he thought about Syria?

From the first days of our relation, I want to go to Syria and be martyr, Mohsen said. It was his main goal. He was waiting for the end of his training courses and go to Syria to fight against Daesh. Finally he went to Syria on 2015. We both wrote our name on the voluntarily list for participating in Syria. He loved martyrdom and spoke about it where ever he was. We did not go to Syria together … Mohsen went first

As he went to Syria for the second time, I believed that he would be martyr at this operation … the last days he was too eager to go to Syria. Honestly I got sad since it was my turn to go to Syria, I visited the deputy commander and asked for the reason? Mohsen's name was sent and it is impossible to change the names.

What was Mohsen's reaction to your sadness?

He only smiled … do not regret … I will back and go with each other to Syria again, Mohsen said.

Tell us about your last meeting?

On the last day he said goodbye to everyone except me … in the afternoon he called me and said: where are my friend? I want to see you … my hand is broken and I can't ride the bike, I told him. Ok at first I will visit my family then I will see you, Mohsen said.

What was happened at the last moments?

At first we spoke with each other, and then Mohsen told me that I will not return again and it would be the last meeting of us, I got shocked. It was for the first time that I wanted him a memento … I have nothing right now … he rejected a perfume from his pocket he gave it me and went.

And your last calling …

One day he called me and I asked him about the situation… I told him to take care of himself, everything is ok and safe. He asked me for a phone number, ok will find it for you in the next calling, I told him … ok I will call you again, but he never called.

Where are you my friend?

Did he have any testament to you?

Not a testament, but he told me that take care of my son (Ali).

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