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If you do not accept, Reza will be upset. Tell your husband that Reza lent you and you must give it back after 25 years.

Navideshahed – Marziyeh stood beside a brown door from an old house, looked at the home plaque which was 44, she looked at the paper and checked the address again and pressed the home bell. Stared at the long and empty alley suddenly a woman asked:

- Yes?

- Sorry! Is Mr.Saboori's House?

- Yes. Who are you?

- I am Tofighi. I called you last night

- Yes… yes please

She opened the door, Marziyeh went to the house…suddenly two children surrounded her and started to play with Marziyeh and called her aunt.

- Hello aunt

- Hello

She answered them and touched their heads.

- Hello, where is your mother?

- Hello Miss Marziyeh welcome to our house an old woman said. It was clear that she had passed the very hard time.

- Are you Mr. Saboori's wife?

- Yes. You called my husband's mobile and told me that you owe my husband…how did you know my husband?

She responded her as soon as possible:

- No… not me. My husband owes him many times ago. I am searching your address until I could find it today.

- When?

- I do not know very well, I think it returns to 20 or 25 years ago.

She got surprised…

- As I know your husband worked in an old tea house. He became familiar with my husband. My husband lost his money while he needed it very much. He owes money from your husband…but he could not gave it back.

The old women smiled…

- Yes my husband worked at a tea house…but never spoke about this matter. Why did not he come here?

- My husband martyred…

Smiling disappeared from her face…

- Martyred? God Bless him

- He was martyred after some months but we found him last month and I found your husband's name in his backpack.

- How did you find here?

- I went to the same old tea house and asked for you… I found your husband's uncle but he did not have information about you and did not know your address. He knew the bus driver of your village finally we find your husband's phone number. When will your husband come?

- He is driver…I don't know…you can give the money to me and I will give it to him

- My father is at the prison… suddenly a boy said.

- What's the matter? (Marziyeh asked)

- He had an accident while his insurance was finished. A man's foot was broken and we had not enough money to pay him.

Marziyeh thought about it and saw Reza (he martyred husband) in front her face. She gave her two thousands Tomans as the debt and also gave her two bangles to the old woman and said: you can go and make your husband free.

She got surprised and could not speak…kissed her. Finally Marziyeh told her that: tell your husband, this is Reza's debt which gave you back after 25 years.

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