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Publish Date: 18 May 2019 - 14:49

In the memory of Ayatollah "Haeri Shirazi"

The latest issue of Shahed Yaran monthly magazine published in the memory of Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi by Shahed Magazine Group.
Navideshahed – 160th issue of Shahed monthly magazine which belong to Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi published by Shahed Magazine Group. This magazine contains from speeches and writings of "Ayatollah Sedighi", "Mohammad Yousif Lantsel"," Hojatol Islam val Muslemin Hadaegh","Falah Zadeh","Movahedian","Hematian","Nezam al-Din Haeri Shirazi"," Shahab al-Din Haeri Shirazi","Ansari",Dr.Ahmad Tavakoli","Dr.Imaniey","Dr.Shoja Noori","General Hussain Nejabat"," Amir Jahan Tigh","Hussain Shariat Madari","Sayyae Mohammad Reza Rostami","Reza Reza Zadeh","Fatameh Haeri","Mohammad Hussain Ruzi Talab","Sayyed Hussain Zol Anvar","Majid Ruzi Talab","Sayyed Hussain Zol Anvar",Mojtaba Kazem Zadeh" and "Sheikh Mohammad Javad Taj al-Dini.

At the introduction of the magazine you can find a title which is written by Sayyed Mohammad Ali Shahidi Mahalati, the Director of Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, "Politician man in Howzah and Literature":

Shahed Yaran narrates the biography of Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi. The famous cleric was born in a clerical family in Shiraz in 1936. Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi died at the age of 81. He took his Diploma in the field of mathematics in Shiraz and after that joined to Howzah to continue his education.

In the memory of Ayatollah

He chose Howzah voluntarily. He studied the primary levels at the "Mansooriyeh school","Sayyed Ala al-Din Hussain School" and Agha Babakhan school. During the time he was the student of Ayatollah Baha al-Din Mahalati and Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Ali Movahed. Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi moved to Qom to continue his education. Ayatollah Boroujerdi and Ayatollah Mohaghegh were his teachers. He was too clever and never wasted his time and read the literal books, Sadi and Hafiz poems when he was free.

In the latest issue of Shahed Yaran monthly magazine you can find writtings with the title of "he was rare man of the days", "scientist and philosopher"," he spent his youth in prison or exile","bitter memories of Savak torture","he was too modest" and "he had good relationship with all the people even his opponents".

Hojatol Islam Mohammad Hasan Kaviani Rad is the responsible director of the 160th issue of Shahed Yaran monthly magazine and Rahim Narimani is the Editor in Chief of the issue.

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