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The book of "Ayatollah martyr Ashrafi Isfahani"

The following book describes martyr Ashrafi Isfahani's Life and Resistance, published by the Islamic Revolution Documentary center.
Navideshahed – on the eve of 32nd Tehran International Book Fair, Islamic Revolution Documentary Center publication published the book "Ayatollah Ashrafi Isfahani's Life and Resistance".

We read in the introduction: "after the Islamic Revolution which led by Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Ashrafi Isfahani walked through resistance, he had different revealing speeches against anti-Islamic politics of Pahlavi regime. He was arrested many times since the Pahlavi regime could not tolerate these revelations".

The book of

The recent research will analyze Ayatollah Ashrafi Isfahani's Life and Resistance into two parts: "Ayatollah Ashrafi Isfahani in the path of Resistance" in 4 chapters. It will describe his activities until the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

At the first chapter we will read about his biography. The second chapter explains his immigration to "Kermanshah"(city in Iran) and moving toward Islamic Revolution by the led of Imam Khomeini. The third chapter dealt with his personality features and finally at the last chapter all his activities have been explained on the eve of Islamic Revolution Victory.

The second chapter "Resistance to martyrdom"

This chapter is in 3 sections: 1) Islamic Revolution Victory and the role of Ayatollah Ashrafi Isfahani in the first years of Islamic Revolution Victory. 2) This section deals with the martyrdom of Ayatollah Ashrafi Isfahani 3) the last section introduces his pieces and books.

The following book was published by Hussain Kavoshi and Fatemeh Nazari in 409 pages with the price of 30,000 Tomans by the Islamic Revolution Documentary center cultural institute.

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