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Publish Date: 08 April 2019 - 12:08
The latest issue of "Shahed Yaran" monthly magazine;

Martyr Hamid Bakeri's commemoration

157th issue of shahed Yaran monthly magazine published with the memory of Martyr Hamid Bakeri.
Navideshahed – the latest version of "Shahed Yaran" monthly magazine published with the interviews of "Dr. Mohsen Rezaei", "General Rahim Safavi", "Major General Qasim Soleimani"," martyr Bakeri's wife", "General Jamshid Nazmi"," Haj Mohammad Habib allahi" and "Ehsan Bakeri".

Martyr Hamid Bakeri's commemoration

Martyr Hamid Bakeri started his mission by fath – ol Mobin operation. He was too brave and thoughtful against the enemy. Finally he martyred at the "Kheibar Operation" by a bullet war which hit his head and joined his martyr friends.

In the following issue you can read some topics like: "Hamid had an important role in Khorramshahr" , "Martyr Hamid Bakeri was too brave and thoughtful against the enemy", "he was too popular among his friends", "a brilliant star in the Ashura Battalion", "he was the Hero of "Kheibar operation "and "Hamid Bakeri stood against Bathi Forces firmly".

Rahim Narimani is the editorial in chief of "Shahed Yaran" monthly magazine. The magazine published in 92 pages with the price of 8000 Tomans.

To buy the magazine you can call 88823584

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