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Publish Date: 03 June 2018 - 14:21
"narrative by wife of Martyr Mustafa Arefi
For Mustafa only once the solvent was important, so sometime after it was working in the Agency, resigned, said: sometimes I have to carry a satellite dish or bad-hijab ladies were for the same car ride from work came out.

He resigned to not face with non-Mahram

Navideshahed,  According to Epic and Jihad reporter of (Defapress) The true lesson of the martyrs, the shack in action, Beautiful death being the result of life is beautiful, so the time roving hands to grasp our breasts. Hear and read stories about the lives of the martyrs for the best Way of relaxation. "The martyrs ' Shrine of advocate Mustafa arefi was from Mashhad is a young child's life and despite having abandoned everything to defend the shrine to the scene right front against Syria in vain. The narrative of his life audible martyr arefi well speaks to the fact that the testimony of God’s existence is those that way live in advance.

Drop the work to not face with non-Mahram.

When we married Mustafa courier worked in motor. On behalf of the Government to his father, it was suggested that you can replace yourself, your son as a single work, but was not satisfied with Mustafa bring that relationship with the "head". This point was very important to them that the right person is not desirable.

Technical works and decoration of the building was a long time to do this will make a living. Although the single was the son of ice and extreme cold in Mashhad, building for some time, That is, it was not that the pretext of a lack of work and money, sit at home. It was not at all comfortable seeking all the very hard and employs. They just make the most important solvent rzaq.

In an agency worked was dramadsh a good time, but after one or two weeks away and went looking for another job. I said that the flow should be the satellite dish got moved and Ms, the observance of Muharram and willingness were not haraam, and that several people were service of my colleagues against the revolution and the nation and the leadership of the linkup, held to announce the aatrazm, came out.

namely the lack of to obtain more money each and every kind of thing with any circumstances do. Finally after a while it’s a workshop with the cosine of the MDF construction launch and there was busy. Thank God it was so good in one go to Syria for two years we were complete well-being.

Lovely life

The boy was born 2004years of Ulm. To select a call to my wife I said because the first grandson of the only son of the family, say the name of the father and the mother. Mustafa said: choosing the right baby name, baby, mother, all you guys bother to mother's neck and this is the most low is what would be for you to do so. Asked me the name of the proposed I would like to say. I will also consult with the family of Mustafa, a few suggested name and let the Koran inside and finally was chosen Taha.

After the birth of the Taha, , Mustafa says, in terms of the notice that I had was that I did not do anything that could be noticed but she realized. A day that came to the House I saw for my plane ticket and the time to go see my family up to the sidelines I had better be

Although the time had little income and I'm the same age and I had Sally and طاها were not all a Mahesh m. was a surprise. Besides I'm pretty guys said, let us at least one month course reduction but he said: the health and spiritual calm my wife is more important to me from everything and the mother must have good morale to be able to handle the kids. Now my wife to this trip, Such affection remain untold, servant of much that was surprising to many

Kinder than mother

Not only in front of others that even in front of young children to keep my respect too, and asserted that the front should respect parents keep kids and kids dare do impudence to adults, especially parents. Always observe the entry itself and childhood of the children also had to respect the mother.

No time to do not let Taha gave in the answer the voice the servant or when I'm wearing my voice late answer. Quick point out, Or always on his schedule even when a male fun wanted its own program with the fold, first look, said Taha comment really ought? Whatever really ought to say the same, and then we're planning.

Religious education for kids, said خیالم is convenient because you work and know to do well done. On other issues, especially where the life is related to the MS home was not role. For example, the time that had departed my kids goes to the city alone, and no time for kids did not express concern, For example, though I stress that the attention guys are not sick anymore or that land or of such fatherly concern. If you have a lot of families I can saw the father of the family of the mother herself is gentler, and constantly tells the kid to attention. Or if it happens to be the mother says why not attention.

I remember that when I was in the city, Taha landed and his head stitched. I was very upset and I was blaming myself, but my wife said: "You have all the power to take care of it."

I went to travel safely. I worry about that now, if God did not answer his father for what happens. He expressed this truth, as most children suffering to his mother, mother, the same tolerance is most of all concerned about and watch out for are kids

The killers were in spider-man dress

I loved Taha very well "CD bin" or "armed Spider-man». Good set with طاها m. In the doctrinal issues like a man spoke with great Taha even at an early age, One night when the Taha buying Benton and Spider-man cartoon will be buy, but Mustafa said must first listen to my words.

They spoke for half an hour, firstly speaking of the massacres and brutal violence committed by the United States, Israel and the hypocrites, and that some, despite their lack of military power, are showing themselves to be strong, because of the proper patterns, such as Mandarid, for the same reason, to the extraterrestrials. O'Rand, the spider-man is a devil, but she's a man of sorrow, a person who does not exist.

Sometimes I want to explain the low age children and understand topics are not digestible, said: this kid can be carved in the mind and little by little will realize that what we mean this talk. Mustafa to your tongue baby kids drawing in the United States and Israel said, the ruin of that House of Muslims, killing and looting Muslim countries first. When good and full of Israeli persecution of children by explaining, then said, OK, now the U.S. and Israel, it’s something that their kids to read, but the best course with the import games and CD stackers, try our children of the same ages Our kids worked that down to the course reading and the scientific advances of our history

Money is not right for American products
Americans, when they see that we follow Ali (as) and call them courage, we tell our kids about unrealistic issues on these CDs, and buying these CDs helps them work against Muslims.

All this talk and listen to the طاها totally accepted and when I m fromTaha asked the now still love to buy these CDs you've become convinced by the opposition and Taha.

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