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Martyr Ibrahim Amiri: Help your brothers in "Palestine" and "Lebanon" and "Afghanistan"

Martyr Ibrahim Amiri wrote in his will: “O Commander of the Lord and O Jundullah, be at the heart of the enemies of Islam and with the help of all your warrior brothers and with the help of all the merciless people in the world and hurry with the help of your Muslim brothers in Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan.
Martyr Ibrahim Amiri: Help your brothers in According to the Defapress of Kerman: the martyr "Ibrahim Amiri" was born on June 10, 1964in the village of Henza, from the city of Baft. He studied elementary school in Rabar and Baft, and continued his education until the end of high school and received his diploma.

After completing a diploma, he entered the Guard Corps and selected a security guard. When the imposed war began, it was voluntarily sent to the front and eventually was martyred on August 18, 1983 in the "Mehran" area.

Excerpts from the Will of Martyr Ibrahim Amiri:

Today, when I go to battlefields, I am right against falsehood, it is one of my strengths, because I am a place where the best clean blood is cast in the way of my god and the blood of the best sons of Islam and the blood of the most sincere people in the current era of Iran, My goal is to place a martyr in blood everywhere in this area.

I followed the caravan of this carriage to help the caravan and I will go in this way so that in my warm welcome, "Is there anyone helping me", we will welcome our leader in the blood of warm blood of martyrdom and Karbala in the sun (burning) Visit Khazestan and the grave of the martyr leader, and let's do this with friends: "Or Hussein (AS)! If you sacrificed Ashura your son’s, and friends, we have agreed with you to continue your path and your purpose. "

O God! Let's cleanse all the Desires, because my only goal is not to fight, but my goal is to fight the emotional whims, and send the sunlight on my little heart so that it will keep your heart from the earth's pests. Hossein Jan If in this cool and bloody space, besides a few people did not help you and did not give you a word, your followers in the warm and bloody atmosphere of Iran land, hands punched and we call your name and love your love towards the Karbala of Iran We dare

O God! You have witnessed that I have cut off this world for you and your satisfaction and chose my own way and I have chosen a way that Hussein (AS) and my leader will be Khomeini. My dear Lord, my school of Islam, my book, my Hezbollah party and my leader, Roohollah.

Thank God who gave me birth at this time and I was able to give me the opportunity to be in the queue of Jundallah. I salute Khomeini, and I love him wholeheartedly, because he led me so that I could visit God's worship, and I would love the bullet that punches my heart, and I would love that mortar and its rubbish, which ripples its body, Because he gives me the liberty of this post and connects to the prophet Allah, and preserves and protects Islam from the last drop of blood, because Islam is the religion of honor and virtue, and the principle of self-esteem and freedom.

Anyone who wants to be a true Muslim and fully follows the teachings of Islam, he must refrain from any exaltation and do not trade his liberty with anything, and from now on emigrate in the path of Allah and juggle in His path to any The price that has to be chosen and in this way, because I have chosen the migration and jihad, as my teacher Hussein (AS), who taught the religion of all martyrdom, must deal with God for this sacred purpose. .

O my dear nation! One day, God forbid, after the beloved Imam, do not empty the old ones that the Imam has pinned upon you. If you do this, you have made Islam empty and empty, and God will never forgive you, God forbid that one day victories will make you proud. Beware of yourself and neglect God's remembrance of remembrance, and lead a path that should not be.

The prestige of this revolution and the leader of the revolution and yourself. The position is sensitive and the wounded enemy is lurking. Be careful to come out of the glorious Divine Test and the Rose fid, and stay firm until the end.

However, today, we are in a dangerous and dangerous situation that, on the one hand, the invasion of foreigners to the Islamic homeland and, on the other hand, the alignment of all the superpowers against us and behind and dangling behind us, and out of the midst of the clerics and great dealers, the noble and suppressed counter-revolutionaries all And everyone in the background has agreed to destroy Islam and Muslims. Islamic, which has been executed today in Iran under the leadership of the Imam of the Ummah.

But you will be glad to advocate on the territory of the Imam of Time (AJ). One of the soldiers of Islam, who drops the blood of your boiling water instantaneously in the path of Islam and the Qur'an, are the followers of Hussein's invitation and those present in the right and false conquest, the Holy Spirit's helpers of your loved ones who wear your hijab, your knuckles, the voice of Allah Yours, your steps, your eyes, your words, your worship and your courage, your martyrdom and the thunder of the thunder and the brutality of your heart and soul, have shaken the foundations of the world's arrogant palace, O Lord of the Day, and the jinnullah on the hearts of the enemies of Islam and with the help of all the brothers of your warrior and Hurry to help all the oppressed peoples in the world Hurry your Muslim brothers in Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Lord! Take you to the power of the sword of the warriors of Islam in the Badr fronts, on the throat of the thirsty Guards in the Tabuk war, and on the patience and endurance of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who have sent their beloved ones to the altar of Islam and the Qur'an and sent you to blood The martyrs of the oppressed and his true fellows, give the syrup of martyrdom to the despicable and weak and despicable servant, and I ask you God to put my death as a testimony in your own way.

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