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Wills of martyr mohammad khanbani, The front teaches bravery

Martyr Khanbani in his will states: "Here is a university in which human beings are real, and they see the difficulties and hardness of their worldly times, and teach the lesson of faith, courage, bravery and masculinity."

Wills of martyr mohammad khanban, The front teaches braveryAccording to Sajed reporter : Martyr Mohammad Khanbani opened the world in Qazvin on June 4, 1949. He was fired by the start of the imposed war on the front against the victim and eventually on March 3, 1986, he was martyred in Iraqi monarchy.

Here is the text of the testament of this martyr:

"O mother! That night and day, suffering and hardship, so that your son will grow up, and you father! Working outside the house and resisting to cook a meal and cooking with the sweet family of your family and to provide the welfare of life to a comfortable family.

Peace be upon you dear parents! You learned the love and love of love and courage and masculinity for me and your other children.

Happy birthday to you, grandparents! Here is a university in which human beings are real, human beings find difficulty and difficult times in their worldly life, and teach the lesson of faith, courage, wariness and masculinity.

This university is a college where Hossein and his son, Imam Zaman (AS), watch over and lead him, and we, the warriors, the Basij, the army, and all the soldiers of these two Imams and all the Imams and the Prophets are magnanimous and Like Hussein ibn Ali (AS), who stood on the day of Ashura with a thirsty lip with oppression and disbelief, and with his head, we will fight like him.

Dear parents and greedy! If I had the honor of testifying to me, of course I did not have my sins and prosperity and if I did not worry about me, because I went to the gods that all human beings and Muslims should go; and you mother! Look at Fatemeh Zahra (SA), give Hussein his honor and honor. You have given the Lord your trust in God, and Allah will gather all people on the Day of Resurrection on the day he promised and there is no doubt about it, and this is a definite promise. And there is no doubt about it, and we, the Basiji, if we were wearing this dress, is the love of the Lord of Exalted.

But my father and I! Make me lawful; you were brave who worked and worked from the beginning of your life and made me big, and I hope Ali and Reza and Amir continue my journey. "

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