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Publish Date: 26 December 2017 - 12:27

President Rouhani visits Christian martyrs' families

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited two families of Christian martyrs of the Iraqi-imposed War (1980-88) on Sunday on the occasion of Christmas.
  • "I hope the character and teachings of Jesus Christ (PBUH) can lead humanity to peace and peaceful coexistence,' he said in the visit to the family of Armenian martyr Georgekeshish Harutun on Christmas during which President Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Jesus Christ (PBUH).
Acclaiming the patience and self-sacrifice of the families of the Iranian martyrs, the President said, 'The whole Iranian nation guards the blood of our dear martyrs who defended their motherland by sacrificing themselves'.

President Rouhani said that in Iran, all religions and ethnic groups stand by each other in happiness and sadness, and added, 'Our people have always stood by each other and will continue to do so'.

'Christians have suffered a lot of damages in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon from terrorists and this was also the case for Muslims. Therefore, terrorist created conditions that the fate of Muslims and Christians are now interwoven more than before and it is necessary that we help each other more in such a situation,' the president said referring to the conditions of Christians in the Middle East.

Martyr George Keshish Harutun's mother and sisters also expressed their happiness over meeting with the president and reminisced some memories of the martyr who was killed by the MKO terrorist cult in July 1988.

In another visit that took place late on Sunday, President Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Jesus Christ (PBUH) to the family of martyr Edwin Shahmiriyan and said, "The Iranian nation appreciates the devotion and self-sacrifice of the martyrs and their respectful families”.

President Rouhani also responded to the happiness of the martyr's mother over his visit and said, 'This is our duty and the least we can do for you dear families of martyrs. You have devoted your son for defending the country and the Iranian nation and definitely have a high place beside the Almighty God'.

President Rouhani added the people of Iran have always been grateful to their fellow Armenian citizens and consider them trustworthy, hard-working and honest people who love their country.

'The people of Iran consider Jesus Christ (PBUH), Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Noah (PBUH), Abraham (PBUH) and Moses (PBUH) as great prophets who have brought blessings and prosperity for the humankind,' he said.

In these visits, plaques of honor were given to the families of the martyrs
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