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"A Trip to Halabja", the Story of Halabja Chemical Bombing in 1987

Navideshahed: The book was released for the first time in 1989 by five reports from Murteza Sarhangi, Seyed Yaser Hashtroodi and Beheboodi regarding the war zones. This book was republished once again after two years in 1991.

‘A Trip to Halabja’ is a report by Hedayatollah Behboodi regarding the chemical bombardments which had been directed against Halabja city in 1988.

The main criteria for this book are the military operation ‘Valfajr 10’. But due to the importance of Halabja event, this report was published after 19 years in the form of a book titled ‘A Trip to Halabja’.

During the military operation ‘Valfajr 10’, the eastern part of Halabja was captured by Iranian forces. That is why Saddam Hussein attempted to retaliate by using poisonous gases. This regime deployed nerve agents for the first time.

After the chemical bombardments which were directed against Halabja city, Behboodi, Sarhangi and Hashtroodi were the first witnesses of the event. Also Saeed Sadeghi and Ahmad Nateghi took photos of Halabja events so immediately. Some of the photos taken from Halabja by them have been illustrated in the book ‘A Trip to Halabja’ as well.

On March 16, 1988, 50 Iraqi aircrafts from Saddam’s Army appeared on the sky of Halabja. Each of the aircrafts were quipped to four 500-kg bombs. The people of Halabja had witnessed the movement of Iraqi aircrafts on the sky before that too from western side to eastern side, because they would move towards Iranian territories. But this time they dropped 200 bombs that consisted of poisonous gases on Halabja city and they created one of the most bitter scenes of the history.

Part of \\\"A Trip to Halabja\\\":

The last non-military photos until the first guard room of the war zones are some photos relevant to those working women who were taking firewood towards their houses. The girls were playing games with their yellow dresses. Some of the local boys are playing ski with their special skiing shoes.

After this scene, we can see that the dresses and clothes were exposed to mud and the cars had been muddy as well. The inhabitants of this country had been living among these mountains without having many expectations from their government. They would work and live so simply!

The weather was absolutely foggy, that is why the sound of anti-air weapons can be heard so quickly.

The book ‘A Trip to Halabja’ has been penned by Hedayatollah Behboodi. It has been written in 48 pages. The price of the book is 700 toman and this book has been released in 2500 copies by Sureh Mehr Publication.

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