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Publish Date: 19 March 2011 - 08:28

The Martyr Hussein Fahmideh


 Demonstration 10




In this Step, the picture is drawn by using brown and a combination of olive-green.










The shades of face are painted by the dark color of skin (average color). For painting between two layers, we must use a colored passage to prevent an intense contract (use  average  color of the two adjacent colors).










The general atmosphere of face is painted with at least four degrees of color of skin from the light points of the shade parts. Considering that the other parts of the face as skin, hair, clothes and the context are not painted, there is an intense contrast between the face and uncolored parts of the board.










The background or negative atmosphere of  the  picture , hairs and parts if the clothes are painted. There is a harmony in general atmosphere of the picture.

This painting has been done in one session from the beginning up to the end, using “wet painting” technique.











Imam Khomeini: Fahmidhe was the fruit of the Islamic Education.


Source: Instructing Portrait

Author: G.R. Gholipour

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