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Co mm ender  Of  Jungle

(Mirza Koochak Khan) 


 Demonstration 3



The first Step for working on board is face drawing. It is better to use light. Brown pencil, because there is possibility of color mixing with usual pencils especially making the light color of skin dirty .

The first Step is painting with an old brush with hard hairs. Using brown and olive-brown color, the emphasized points of face  will be re-painted (reviewing the design ). This will result in keeping similarity of face until, the final Step.







In the second Step, first the dark parts or shades like the margins of face, below the eyebrows, around the eyes and nose shades, will be  ainted  by using brown color and the other parts of skin will be painted with the major color .In the next Step, the face will be completely painted by lighter color.

 Before going to details, the proper color of the context will be also chosen. This makes the color of face and context more appropriate in terms of color degree and harmony. Therefore, there will be no intense changes in last Steps.







After painting the negative atmosphere, the parts of clothes will be painted with proper color. Here, the parts related to the hairs and beard will be painted, at first by  a mixture  of green ,brown and red in the from  of designing and then the major color of context , painted.

The hairs will be covered up till they become dry and ready for., putting emphasis on light and dark points. Now we can go to the details of face as eyebrows, lips and especially eyes.







In all Steps of painting, accuracy .in observing proportion of the face components to keep the closest similarity is necessary.

In this Step ,the emphatic lights of face ,hairs and beard, painting and polishing will be done. Considering the meaning of Commander of jungle, the major color of context is green and a mixture of shade and . lights regarding the light angle.






Mirza Koochek Khan Jangali : We have and have had no purpose but protection of Islamic Iran Against the foreing invasions and the pressures exerted by the domestic traitors.












Source: Instructing Portrait

Author: G.R. Gholipour

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