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Publish Date: 17 March 2010 - 08:03
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran updated his web log with a note under the title of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) A Politician or a Realist ? Ahmadi Nejad has expressed his views and Ideas about our late Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) clearly. The text of this note is as follow: . . . . .
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran updated his web log with a note under the title of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) A Politician or a Realist ? Ahmadi Nejad has expressed his views and Ideas about our late Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) clearly. The text of this note is as follow: . . . . .

In the Name of God
In the age of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ), I had the opportunity and capability of experiencing and comparing together of two different political cultures with our own eyes. On one hand there were “ politicians ”? and there will be who always decide and interpret based on the axis of politics , power and usual as well as materialistic measurements. They would never see the hands of God and divine management at any time or in any place. And they would never be able to see even a sign of that mercy that God bestowed on us and the Iranian nation at the time of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ). Seemingly they are religious but neither their goals and nor their political measurements are different from those of the materialists of the world. They rejects the contribution of God and His invisible helping hands during the Islamic Revolution and like the world materialists they negate the existence of God in the changes of the world and in the course of the human history. It was better if they rejected these things still they go further and they poke fun at it and they smile at it.
But the second line is the line of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ); he was not a politician rather he was a realist. He used to see politics from the point of view of divinity and he used to see God’s power that was over any other worldly powers and in none of the stages of fighting he did not see the material from the meaning and he did not ever surrender to the materialistic statistics and he used to attribute whatever he used to do and what ever that was done to God and the higher world. He used to call this revolution as the work of God; his sentences were started with the name of God; he was saying that it is God that changes and alters the people’s heart, that God released Khoram Shahr and that the world power would one day destroy at God’s will; . . . . . . he used to call the victory of the Islamic fighters as a divine victory because he used to think that victory rests in the hands of God. In the Tabas miracle in which the sand and the hurricane destroyed the American jets and when the enemies and the friends were busy interpreting the events he allegedly announced that the sands were the missioners of God. He used to think of the Iranian Revolution as a Divine Revolution; he used to say “this is something unusual that has happened “ and that whatever we have seen since the beginning of the revolution and even after the revolution was the miracle of God. He used to say “ like the beginning of Islam, the divine angels are helping us today”? and we are not able to do any thing without His Holiness Baghiat Allah ( A . A . T . F . Sh . ) we are not able to do any thing. He used to see the soldiers of God everywhere and he used to interpret everything from the point of view of Islam and his point of view was never a materialist one; still in doing so he did never negated any natural and usual phenomenon. He used to have the name of His Holiness Sahib Al – Amr ( A . A . T . F . Sh . ) as the major owner of the Revolution and that we have to deliver this revolution to him. He used to register the victories of the front wars in his name; he used to consider the progress of the Islamic revolution and the appreciations of the hearts of this revolution as the result of the humanity’s savior who is going to set up justice in the world; he used to think of his own revolution as an introduction to his universal Revolution. . . . . . .
He used to see every thing under the auspices of God and under His supervision; and as at that day there were some political groups who used to call this method of thinking backward and underdeveloped, there are still some groups who do not see any sign of light; they have set aside God in their political calculations and they want to call themselves the owner of the revolution; while in the logic of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) , the real owner of the revolution is the God’s prophets and the mass of the people .
These are the same politicians and powerful men that have not a religious world view even if they are religious men; rather they are making use of the religious literature. Otherwise if they have accepted the unity in God’s Action thereby they would have accepted Genetic authority of His Holiness Vali Asr ( A. T. F. Sh .) at God’s decree and do not poke fun at this issue nor they would reject god’s mercy in one part of the world rather they would have been able to see the world fully showered in light. Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) has taught us to see politics and every thing from such perspective; he has taught us to see God’s effect in every where and at any time as well as in all the victories; he taught us not to and attribute any positive deed to ourselves and not to attribute the worse deeds to God; he taught us not to see the victories gained by chance and not to say that event took place; he told us not attribute any victory to ourselves proudly. In the logic of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) we have not to take the detailed material calculations for granted on the other hand we have to avoid from being overwhelmed in material calculations. He used to see the destruction of the 14 congress of the Kasra Palace as a future sign for the happening of the Islamic revolution of Iran in the 14 th . c . Hegira. . . . . . .Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) used to see some thing supernatural as well as God’s effects behind and beyond the natural events. All the progresses as well as the victories that the proud and blind people attributed them to themselves was attributed from the point of view of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) to Mehdi ( A . T. F. Sh . ) and he used to see them as his benevolence because he himself was his representative.
At the present time I just consider the political interpretation of Imam Khomeini’s kind and now that we see that the seemingly small uprising of June 5th ( Khordad 15th ) to a great and international event from the east of Asia to the heart of Europe and from the Middle East to the heart of Africa, we can see the success of this point of view with our own eyes and even if we might have merciless hearts we could not object to the lights of God. Not every body can confess to his / her blindness. When we see the “Great scientific and economical developments”? of the third decade of the Revolution are the practical and usual as well as natural outcome of the embargoes and economical surrenders of the first and second decade and the embargoes instead of making us weak have made us stronger one hundred times better than ever. Then how is it possible that we do not see the light so God? If the sands of Tabas were the missioners of God and if the real owner of the revolution is worried for the revolution then how is it possible that those who wandered at the divine management of the world are poking fun at it?
The military blockade and the presence of the occupants in the east , west , north and south , according to the materialist calculations , should have resulted in fear , weakness and surrender and even in the downfall of the Islamic Republic but after 5 years it resulted in a quite contrary result and the Islamic republic has become the first power of the territory and one of the most effective powers in the world. Is this something except the divine management? And is this not a clear testimony of God’s missioner who is God’s agent and mediator for God’s mercy? Is this not the invisible hands and villayat of His Holiness Sahib Al – Amr (A . T . F . Sh . ) that Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) used to say are involved in different events and that it is they that open the closed knots unusually and supernaturally. It is while we are not able to do any thing and even we have had no information about the threat that might have been a threat to us and our dear supreme leader has quoted this concept from our great Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ).
If some people are trying to attribute this reality to the thinking methodology of Hojatieh, it is a useless deviation. Hojatieh thinking, used to come to the get, from “ Mahdaviat and expectation”?, the culture of surrendering and collusion as well as the separation of religion from science and to come to the “negation of duty”?. It is while Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) used to see himself and his revolution under the aegis his holiness; he used to consider the culture of expectation and mahdaviat as the culminating forces of fighting and jihad as well as his divine policy and his religious revolution.; he used to achieve the “approval of the duty”? and this is a great difference. Imam Khomeini used to talk about Genetic Villayat of “the perfect human being”? and “God’s agent”?; he used to talk about the management and the guidance of His holiness as a sun behind the cloud which still sheds light and gives energy. He did not specify a date for his appearance and he did not consider any problems as the faults of His holiness. Did he claim that he himself is a god or if His holiness is a god? Did he have the intention of superstition, deceiving? Or did he want not to take responsibility, if he considered His Holiness as the real owner of the Revolution?
It is interesting and at the same time sorrowful for me that how this clear Shiite beliefs and the perspectives of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) have been extensively perverted from the left and the right! They have written that Ahmadi Nejad, at the time of eating lunch in the board of the government, sets aside a separate dish for His holiness on the table! Ahmadi Nejad in his municipality period has asphalted the way of the Caravan from Mecca to Tehran in advance! Ahmadi Nejad claimed that he has relationship with His holiness and the increase in the rice price has been attributed to the management and decision of His Holiness! All these were while I have announce many times that some of these increases in the prices of the goods, and not all of them, are the result of the hidden management and the Mafia coalitions with some of the politicians that were mentioned before in the market; it is the work of those people who after three years, still do not consider the vote of the people as the determinant force and still do not surrender to the will of the people in the 9th presidential election and thereby they are trying to take revenge on people and the government at the same time. Unfortunately those who are responsible to attend to these issues and are responsible to hold justice also reject the existence of the economical corrupted people; it is as if they are considering the 8 article message of the supreme leader a slogan and a deceit! Seeing the light of God in the political world and in the continuous victories in Lebanon, Palestine , Iraq , Iran as well as New York to the benefits revolutionary and Islamic values, is not something strange for those who have grown up in the Unitarian culture of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) and for the Islamic Revolution’s generation; it is really strange that they do not see the light of God. Yes, God’s missioner is alive and the continuation of life on the earth, by the permission of God, will be dependant on his Holiness’ presence on the earth. And His holiness do not leave this revolution and these people as well as the Shiites and the Muslims and the poor people of the world.
Yeas God would never refrains and he did not authorize any one with the affairs of the world and the human beings and this is the way that the perverted people think. But it is through His agent , that God manages the world; this is the meaning of the Genetic Villayat of the Prophets. I am happy that I am not included in the politicians of the first group that was mentioned and hopefully I would never be. We have to be like Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) who used to see himself in the view of God and thought of himself as the executive agent of God; he used to see himself in the service of His Holiness; he did not consider any independence and selfhood for himself; he did not see any value or worth in the enemies and the world powers. And it was why he did not afraid and he never disappointed; he was never affected by pride.
The 14th and 15th of Khordad (4th and 5th of June) are great opportunities to return to the Unitarian world view and the spiritual light of Great Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) and our nation is waiting for His Holiness’ coming in the middle of Khordad ( June ) .
This government has tried to look at the scenes with the same world view of our late Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ); we do not consider the spiritual thinking of that great leader superstitious. All the Ziarat JAme Kabira that Imam was used to performing involves this Unitarian and Shiite world view and that this government has never blamed Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) and worse His Holiness Vali Asr (A. T. F. Sh) for its possible weaknesses and mistakes in the political and economical domains and we are starting our fourth year of service from 15th of Khordad (June 6th ) merrily as we did in the first year and we hope to have great changes in the important management and economical domains in the country; we will bravely accept the weaknesses and we sincerely emphasize the existence of the structural and political as well as Mafia barriers. But I hereby announce, devoid of any excuses and exonerations, that we will perform our duties with regard to God and to these people to the last hour and last minutes of this government. By the use of the cooperating scientists and by relying on God we hope to set the barriers and problems aside because as I have previously mentioned without great changes in the economical system of the country the elements of which are “Taxing System”? , “ tax on import and export ”?, “ insurance systems ”? , “monetary systems”? , “ Subsidy systems”? , “distribution system and inner trade”? neither the development seekers reach development nor the justice seeker find justice. This government is in search of “ a development which is based on justice”? and by the supports that this government will hopefully get from the people , the supreme leader and the parliament as well as the benevolences of God, we will do our best to initiate great and miraculous scientific and calculated changes in different arenas.”?

If the fourth decade of this revolution is the decade of “development and justice”?, without having great changes in these fields, we can do nothing. The greater art is to rely on God and to believe in people; to see the light of God and we have to be optimist about the mercy of His Holiness ( A . T . F . Sh . ) and to continue the way of Imam Khomeini ( R . T . A . ) not orally but by our minds and hearts and with our hands; let’s not change the translated documents to holy texts that not changeable; let’s respect our reasons and experience and the Iranian thinking and our university youths because as the Imam of the lovers and the leader of the wise men used to say “ we are able”? Our nation could and by reliance on God’s help it can perform better than these.
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