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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 08:05
Sayed Ali Mohammad Rafie: MA in divine matters course, searcher, author, critic of literature and art of religion of child and adolescent

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Sayed Ali Mohammad Rafie

There are different aspects about why and what should we tell children about war.
First: telling truth to children: if we accept to tell the truth to children we find that war is a truth. It is a real truth of our world. Therefore, writing and painting with topics about war and other authority and speech activities about war is necessary for children.
2nd: Historical aspect: if we accept history is undeniable truth and we know about history has many benefits to use and other generations then we accept that war is one angle of history, and then it is necessary to produce cultural productions which are suitable models for children.
3rd: Economic and political aspect: war has many negative and positive effects on politics and economy. War is not along with victory and war needs great expenditure. Today’s generation and coming generation must know this information about war.
4th: Social Aspect: war introduces expressions such as to be killed, vagrancy, transgression, impairment, homeless, farness from family, friends and many topics like it.
Children are unaware witness, damaged people. They must know everything about war before they see it. They must know what they can prevent from war.
5th: Ideal aspect: it is true that some wars are not and will not be for killing and for conquest. War has a beautiful aspect for example, defense of country, women, mother country, ideas, lucky and non-acceptance contempt, dispensing, slavery.
Some times war is for freedom or independence.
Beautiful aspect of war is victory of ideas and prevent develop of abomination and prevalence to incorrect.
Anyway war is a truth and education about it is necessary for children. Children of country must be aware of truth and history of country otherwise country will have many problems. Therefore cultural production along with topic of war is necessary for children.
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