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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 08:04
Keeping of rudeness does not mean to negate some parts of literature but according to this sentence we can not omit literature of war from children’s life.
Today, war is a true of world unfortunately. We can not hide this main topic which is related to human society predestination. We can translate the meaning of defense and resistance for children by using literature of war.
Our children can see everything about war for example they can see injured people, tomb of witness and their families’ problem and other things which is coming along with war. Therefore it is an author’s duty to speak about roots and greatness of these events and speak about their reasons and speak about soldiers bravely defense.
We know that there is devotion mentality in others culture. But it is very important about Iran because of its situation in the world and we have history full of defensive wars. Therefore, we must try to translate these topic very nice and skillfully.
Out country (Iran) is not just for our generation perhaps it belongs to future generation. We must try to support defensive mentality in our generation other generations by using of different models of literature (literature of war).
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