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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:32
Fazlsadat Hosseini: Editor of child’s growing magazine and master of university

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Fazlsadat Hosseini

Even if we believe in translating literature of war we must accept that devotion self-sacrifice are public expressions just into literature of war.
There is no aspect of defense in war between Iraq and Iran. On the other hand today’s children know rough because they play rough games (Computer games-Video Games) then they know rudeness and maybe we are very careful about it, but when we want to do an emotional work we don’t speak blood and bloodshed and we must settle margins of war: For example “Ashura”?. It has two aspects. In one hand we have a real war but on the other hand we have fain and (beautiful) aspects which we write about some of aspects. We also write for our children according to this way.
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