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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:31
Today children are very clever and we can not hide a part of truth because we think they are rough and they have negative effect on children’s mentality.
Today’s children are aware about news of life by watching different Medias. Today, we can speak about everything with children, before we think these topics are difficult for children.
We can’t forget problem war has proportion with today’s world and many of children are main sacrifices and they will be in the future. They are not cause of war but war has negative effects on children’s life for ever.
According to explanation, it is necessary for children to know about war and war’s writings and they must know about reasons and aspects of war.
They must know any war has different cause.
Learning moral excellences and human generosities like self-sacrifice and devotion and generous need a special atmosphere. It is true, when we enter to literature atmosphere our language must not be directly because if we have directly language, our writing becomes a report.
There is no bad word about war by use of indirect language therefore we don’t have a word about cannon anal tank. There are many events before war and after war which they can be a good topic for writing and good topic for literature.
I think every thing which said indirectly has more effect and it is faithful to literature.
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