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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:16
Hamidreza shahabadi: Managerial author of publications institute training mental of children and adolescent:

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Hamidreza shahabadi

Literature of war and history of war is important and it will be fixed according [to] other country’s experience in writing worthy books like “Child and soldier of sea”?.
Children must be aware of struggles which their countrymen do for support [ing] their country and they must try to protect it for ever because it is not gain easily.
Translating expressions such as generosity and devotion which are a main part of literature of war to need many works, it means that it is not easy for children to understanding these topics such as witness and one people killed easily therefore they try to forget them, but we try to write for them about war.
Author must draw literature of war by use of special elegance although we can explain expressions such as devotion and kindness by other literature differs from literature’s children, but it is not mean to negate the literature of war for children.
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