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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:13
Author of children and adolescent people who believe that we don’t write about war for children, they are not aware of children literature.
Authors are aimed to do work for children must be aware of what angle is better to enter? Because of avoiding the negative effects and on the other levels for transition to children,
We know that war is a part of our history, therefore, we can’t be inattentive because of negative and positive effects on our children literature and adults’ literature (involving all kind of literature) but ever if we consider war according to difficulties and pains which our countrymen to bear, w can not be inattentive about it and she continues. Martingale aspect is the most importance (important) factor in children literature during the world.
We can see that even if people who believe art for artist. Talented they don’t focus on it in children literature.
When we speak about war literature for children is not necessary for translating such as devotion and self-sacrifice try to draw rough stages in war. We can explain these message with beautiful stage for example when a child his or her doll to other child and other example like it and it is not possible unless author know child and his/her addresser.
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