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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:08
Hassan Ahmadi: Author and editor in chief of Baran Magazines

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Hassan Ahmadi

Author, Editor of Baran magazine transition of war literature or defense literature to children must be with telling attractive stage, although war is along with rudeness and we have blood and bloodshed stages but some wars like our defensive war is not a brief of these stages and we have joyful and happy stages which we can translate them (in form of literature for children)
I am not agreed to draw rough stages for children because I think these stages bother them. There is no force to draw rough stages for children; we have very good commanders in during forces war that their good personality and their special mental factors such as concession, kindness and devotion can be a good capital to create war literature for children. Therefore we can see that duty of literature is not transition of stages perhaps main factor in create literature is developing skillfully.
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