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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:06
Amir Hossein Fardi: Author and editor in chief of Keihan for Children

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Amir Hossein Fardi

In the war time period and the period after it we have created many books on the war and many of these books have won literary praises of children and the youth literature, so how we can claim that war is a violent subject for the children. When war happens to a country it is unavoidable for the old and young not to be involved in it. Therefore such a grand subject should have its specific value. The idea indicating that since the war literature is not able to escape from discussing some violent scenes, so it can not be presented to children. Literature is a part of our society that should be suitably presented for the children. Inasmuch as this reality has formed some parts of the world literature it should do so in the future.
Of course it is not necessary to talk about violent scenes when we discuss the literature of the world. Rather we can ameliorate the literature of war which is full of harsh and violent scenes or we can talk about the issues back front such as family issues schools and cities. What is important is imparting the spirit of resistance, generosity, friendship and love of the country that has to be discussed in any time and place to the children.

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