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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:05
We have to write about the literature of war for the children so that we prepare them for the future and the threats that they might face; or to prepare them to face the threats that might face the country. They have the right to know what to do at the times of defense and what not to do. There are two different views about the literature of war; some people negate any kind of talk about the war for or with the children in any form even in the form of literature; they believe that the children have not the capability of hearing this kind of literature. But there is another view; some people believe that children are involved in the war because their families have been involving in the war and they have suffered from the consequences of it; the children were witnessing the bombardments, their father’s injuries; if we want or not they are involved in the war. Indeed when there is no way to avoid the effects that wars have on the children, it is possible to make them familiar with wars and give them some information about it. Of course the information they receive should be previously studied psychologically.
With regard to the defensive wars such as the war of Iran with Iraq, there are great reasons for presenting the children with concepts such as resistance and generosity; it is because we want the children understand the reasons of these resistances and generosities so that when they achieve puberty they have / appreciate the same resistance.
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