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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 07:03
Faraidoon Amoo Zadeh Khalili: Author and the General Editor of the Weekly: Chelcheragh

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Faraidoon Amoo Zadeh Khalili

It is better to talk about the literature of defense and resistance for children instead of the literature of war. This is not for our society in special because on a worldly level it is t he literature of resistance rather than the literature of war which is written for the children and is of importance. The literature of war might result from this idea that there is an aggressive look behind it. So it is better to use the literature of resistance rather then the literature of war.

This term can be effective in nourishing the senses of fellow feelings, humanitarian feeling, kindness and mercifulness of the children. Therefore we see that when there is the topic of the literature of resistance, they look at it from a humanitarian point of view.

In the national and mythological view, Arash is an Archetypal character who emphasizes on the solution of the problems, defending one’s country and religions without entering the war and its consequences; he tries to emphasize the literature of war without insisting on violence. This is the method and treatment that is propagated and advertised in our religious look as well as our education; this indicates that we should not be the initiator of the war. If we substitute the word resistance with literature of the war we can talk about “child, soldier and sea”? and in this way we are able to have the literature of war. As we see the book Zamineh is about the resistance in France against the aggression of the Nazi; this is one of the great books of resistance literature.
All through the world the literature of resistance has been formed for the children and the youths and it is now continuing to go ahead. Therefore we can discuss the literature of resistance from this point of view and basically this kind of literature is necessary for the children.
Generosity and Martyrdom Culture and the Young and the Young People
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