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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 06:59
Mohammad Reza Sarshar: Writer, critic, researcher, editor of the monthly called Fiction Literature

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Mohammad Reza Sarshar

Since the literature of war is replete with the adventures, excitement, extraordinary events, its discussing will be interesting for the children. The literature of war since the past times both on the epical dimensions and on the tragic level have been read widely even by the children and the youths. Most parts of Shahnameh, which is greatly appreciated, is concerned with wars. But the way that these events are discussed for the children and the youngsters is very important because the scenes of war are full of violent scenes and it is hence important to look at the issue from a special point of view. Inasmuch as the war is full of violent scenes, it is not suitable and adjusted with the nice and spotless spirits of the children and the youths. So we can look at the war from a special point of view which in addition to making use of its exciting dimension, epical, and generosity dimensions one should avoid its cruel and violent dimensions.
On the other hand I think for all those who are living in a special stage of the history of the country in which they are directly involved in war, we can discuss the issues of the war in all its dimensions so that they make themselves ready and adapt themselves to the difficult conditions of the war. Therefore I do not agree with this idea that the literature of war is not appropriate for the children due to its violence and hence I agree with this idea about the children of the Immune and calm countries in which the children are sure about their future. But in those countries which are always exposed with wars and are the butt of the aggressions, it is not possible to keep the children away from the realities that are happening around them in literature.
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