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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 06:54
Mohammad Mirkiani: The president of the Department of Children and The youth for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s broadcasting

The literature of war for the children and the young people, Yes or No?/ Mohammad Mirkiani

Since war is a part of the lives of the children of this country, we have to write about a literature of war which is dealing with the events of back fronts for the children. The literature of the war is divided in to two groups: literature for war and literature about war. Literature for war is a kind of literature which is concerned directly with the war and the scenes of war from the very near in which the fighters participated and they discuss the war from the very near and deeply. While the literature which is about literature, is concerned with the impact of war on the people out of the war and with the events that happened behind the war.
I think it is necessary to write about literature of the war for the children. Because this group of age has also participated in the war in their own way therefore they have the right to participate in it. We can introduce children with concepts such as resistance, generosity, martyrdom, sympathy, and resistance by creating a literature about the events at the back fronts and the emotional impacts of the war on the children and the other people, too. This is the kind of literature which is useful for the children.
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