News ID: 14271
Publish Date: 23 December 2006 - 02:16
Hossein Heidari
At the moment, organizations and different administrations in country are performing the matter of services to different classes. These organizations have some article of association, establishments and methods and they consist and involve some duties. This research by paying attention to the stated discussions in big management of country in relation with combination of these establishments has used its operations and activities. The research objective is operation of Martyr Foundation organization of Islamic revolution which in case be combined with other organization. So in this case in the level of eight-city of Booshehr province there are some Martyr Foundations and a general administration special for this organization, about 110 persons have been selected and they have been tested by using of questionnaire . Research method is descriptive in a way that it could be counted operative as well. The statistical analysis and consideration has been done by international test. The results of this research indicate that the need of changes and combination of organization has been accepted by respondents and in this case the establishing structure could be considered more important and the statistical results of this research show this reality of this development.
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