News ID: 14235
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 03:22
Sayed Ali Ghoreishi
This research has been performed in two chapters:
1. providing the social assistance techniques
2. The procedure of assistance in Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution in Isfahan. Research method is in a measuring way. Society of research include: Assistance personnel of Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution of Isfahan Province and Shahed respectful families. Research tools are questionnaires. So according to the considerations and analysis that have been preformed in this research reasonable results have been provided in this field. Also fortunately some positive steps have been taken by Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution in recent years for the Assistance personnel, and the positive results of that confirm the processes and activities that have been done for this matter by junior and related authorities. The second hypothesis is the role of social assistance in Martyr Foundation for increasing the level of Shahed respectful families knowledge which seems the mode of controls to helpers and those who would be assisted would be changed from administrative mode so social assistance would be supported from different angles in a way that it be reasonable to the location of person who is assisted and issues and mainly this relation would be supported.
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