News ID: 14234
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 03:21
Samad Ghorban Poor
There are little resources about operations and activities of Martyr Foundation so the necessity of consideration and research about institutes and general organizations of Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution is counted something important. In the above thesis some issues such as legal position of Martyr Foundation and legal consideration of that in all the dimensions and systems and related organizations have been mentioned so some issues such as consideration of organizations rules and general institutions have been under consideration. Despite of these rules and regulations have been approved in relation with these organization and the current barriers and problems have been considered in action. Research method is done by library. The researcher has compiled this thesis in five chapters: first chapter or the generalities: includes definition, identity and beginning history. Second chapter is about rules and regulations which are related to general and non-governmental administrations. Third chapter is about the statement and analysis of the rule which has been mentioned in the article of association of Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution. The fifth chapter is about the texts which would consider the legal position of Martyr Foundation and a question has been mentioned about that that where is the position of this organization and what are its duties or commissions and how and by using what rule the related organizations would be controlled.
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