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Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 03:19
Reza Mohammadi
The main objective of this research is consideration of management situation, coordination and connection, control and evaluation of engineering medical equipment unit, recognizing the level of work for medical equipments in therapy, cure and recognition, education ministry and medical points also the recognition the level of storage of medical machines and devices in different hospital sections are according to the producing countries. The research method is descriptive operative in this research. The statistical society are all the medical equipments with their useful length of their life time which is more than 5 years in three hospitals of martyr Foundation that means the hospitals of Hazrat Zeinab, Mustafa Khomeini and Khatem Al Anbiya in 1999. The tools for gathering information include questionnaires. The results of this research indicated that:
1. none of management cases in the engineering medical section have not performed 100 % and the highest level of performance for management has been shown by 50 % that it has been found from the hospitals that have been studied by this research, so for general bases of medical equipments, some conventions have been made for their long time consumption as they are so expensive, so existence of engineering instruction for using of these equipments can facilitate these aspects.
2. In two third of hospitals, the section of medical equipments would be controlled and supervised by medical engineering unit.
3. Only ½ of hospitals perform the necessary coordination for using of medical equipments that are available for them in the central health care places.
4. The control and evaluation from services and repairing would be done by medical engineering section, and evaluation from medical equipments would be done by the level of 6.16 % yearly and only in two thirds of hospitals.
5. The unit of medical engineering section does not take part in compiling and using of its budget in the purchasing committee or the related instructions for general or typical purchases.
6. the highest level for operation of medical equipments have been shown by 5 % to 60 % in the therapy sections it has been shown by 78.33 % in the recognition and examination parts it has been shown by 17.7 % which has been shown in the educational researching sections as well.
7. The highest level of equipments data-x-items has been shown in the sections of surgery rooms and laboratory and the lowest level has been devoted in heart surgery section by 64.0 % , general surgery of women and mental and brain problems also have indicated the lowest consumption.
8. The most medical equipments are made by Germany, Japan and Iran; the lowest level of medical equipments are belonged to some countries such as Russia, Finland and Swiss.
9. In the way of reasonable operation of equipments, it can be said that lower than ½ of medical equipments are fit and reasonable and 68.7 % of equipments are active but can be repaired and about 51.5 % from equipments of out of order.
10. About 20.66 % of medical equipments have a reasonable place for storage. The highest level of useful lifetime of medical equipments has been shown from 10 years to 20 years.
11. About 27.69 % from medical equipments are in the position of technical certifications and more than ½ of medical devices (60.55 %) do not have the international standards.
12. In the field of educations for employees as they have expressed the medical equipments have usages more than medical devices which is shown by 38.41 % and in the average level has been shown by 78.36 for medical equipments which is lesser than average level.
13. For 30.7 % of medical equipments the educational terms have been performed and for 31.34 % of medical devices have not had any educational terms. The highest educational terms and trainings have been performed by the supervisor of section which is shown by 44.39 %.
14. In 84% of devices no fixed power would be used for devices.
15. From 08.19 % of medical equipments would be used more than legal capacity and 49.94 % of them are able to be sufficient for patients.
16. The most important barrier in useful consumption of medical equipments which are so small and sensitive existence of devices by 31.50 % and the most unimportant barrier we can show the consumptive equipments and on-time providence of that by 9.99%.
17. From the abilities and capabilities of medical equipments and devices would be used by 47.72 %.
18. About 6.77 % level from medical equipments would be used during installation, and or those equipments that have faced with technical errors or damages. The majority of medical devices, 75.52 % of them need to be repaired after every few terms. About the yearly conventions of storages, the medical equipments only the level of 05.2 % of equipments would be performed in Khatem Al Anbiya Hospital and the other two hospitals do not have these conventions. The highest level of damages has been observed in the electronic part of equipments and devices by 37 %.
19. The highest level of having access to the name and address and phone numbers of servicing firms has been shown by 47.30 % which is for medical equipments. And the label of names and addresses of legal representatives of equipments has been shown on the devices and machines only which in some of the is found.
20. The highest average time for repairing equipments after announcement of damages has been shown by 1.32 % by firms and usually it takes time for two to three days for this matters and the highest level of satisfaction from the mode of providing services has been shown by 3.61 % which is more than average level. In the technical local representative for storage and services of equipments and medical devices about 83.76 % of conditions and situations have been shown.
21. In the field of control and evaluation of safety point of equipments (99.9%) or medical equipments at the time of shift list have some checklists for control. The highest level of control and evaluation of operations is related to medical equipments which is according to standards which has been shown by 6.41 %. The maximum level of using of medical equipments for having the necessary safety for patient and the person who uses that is shown by 31.18 %.
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