News ID: 14230
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 03:12
Mohammad Hassan Janani
Today betterment and improvement of human resources during services could be counted as the main tool for propagation of staffs abilities and as a result the increase of its effects would be observed. This research has been created to answer two essential questions that include, have the provided educations effected in propagation effects of staffs? How much its effects have been? Had the Martyr Foundation system been with any errors and problems for performance and evaluation of these educational terms? And what are the kinds of its errors? Research kind is environmental and the method which has been used is done by measurement. The statistical society of research are all the staffs who have been working in martyr foundation also the instructors of educational terms have taken part in this statistical society. Some methods such as observation, interview and questionnaire have been used for gathering information. The analysis and consideration of provided information have been performed by descriptive and consumptive methods of Kh 2 which show:
1. The educations that have been performed during service has not brought any propagation effects in managers.
2. The educations and trainings which have been performed during service have had some development and propagation effects on the helpers.
3. The results that have been provided from Martyr Foundation actions show that this system in management and educational evaluation has been in a weak mode and in performing educational terms has been with an almost reasonable situation.
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