News ID: 14227
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 03:06
Hossein Safa
Encouragement and punishment are the two main points for working development in the stuffs of an administrative organization. One of the famed problems that could be occurred in organizations would be created for managers, so pointing the weaknesses of staffs and ignoring their real abilities is one of these problems. This research is a study in the kind of descriptive and consumptive that is done for the purpose of Consideration of encouragement and Punishment system in Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution and its effects to the operation of staffs. The statistical society of this research include all the staffs in different units of Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution in provinces of Khorasan, Semnan and Golestan, except the general managers and general secretaries in any educational level others have been considered. The statistical samples are about 165 persons that have been selected randomly. Questionnaire has been the tool for gathering information in this research. For the purpose of analysis and consideration of datum the statistical test of X2 and its ratio and Z test have been used. The results of current research are as bellow:
Despite of announcement of dissatisfaction from common methods of evaluation, encouragement, punishment, but the staffs have tried their best to provide the services with high operation. The majority of these people believed that since the work and jobs are according to religious point in Martyr Foundation, so mentioning moulds of punishment and encouragement evaluations could be counted something nonsense. There is an important relation among encouragement and justice punishment and propagation of staffs operation.
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