News ID: 14226
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 03:05
Narges Amooyee
Paying attention to the staffs of organizations as the greatest property of administrations and providing the satisfaction of staffs and making them interested towards their job and profession in working successes and reaching to organizational objectives could be counted so important for all of organizations. In this research the researcher has decided to consider the effective factors for increasing job satisfaction of Martyr Foundation staffs of Islamic Revolution in Mazandaran province based on motivational tendencies of Hertzberg. Research kind is descriptive the statistical society that has been used in this research are all the Martyr Foundation staffs of Islamic Revolution who have activation in 14 provinces. The sample capacity is about 346 persons according to the considered society. The tools for gathering information and datum are questionnaire and five degree measuring object of Likert. The results of this research indicate that:
1. Health factors can bring more satisfaction for staffs of Martyr Foundation than motivational factors in the province of Mazandaran.
2. Growth and development can increase the job satisfaction for Martyr Foundation Staffs.
3. Participation in making decisions and organizational objectives increases the job satisfaction for Martyr Foundation employees.
4. Giving the responsibilities with full authorization to the staffs can increase the job satisfaction and their dependency to their job; also it could be so important for their job satisfaction as well.
5. Providing reasonable fields for recognition and thanking from positive operation for staffs can increase their job satisfaction.
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