News ID: 14224
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 02:54
Mahin Faraji
The research objective is Consideration of mental and spiritual situation of psychological health of Martyr Foundation Staffs also this research aims to clear this matter that:
Do the Martyr Foundation staffs face with psychological pressure or not? The Statistical societies of research are all the staffs of Martyr Foundation that had been working in this administration during 2002-2003. About 90 persons of Martyr Foundation staffs have been selected as the sample of this research by bunch sampling method, that all of them have been chosen randomly. The tool for gathering information is SCL 90 Test. For the purpose of statistical analysis of research the variance analysis and bases digressions have been used. The results of this research indicate that animosity is not observed among the employees so much, but depression has devoted the highest level to itself.
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