News ID: 14221
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 02:44
Ismael Vakhshoori
Manpower if one of the most valuable human and organizational resources. Job satisfaction of employees in organization also has an important effect in the increase of operation and reaching to objectives. The main object of this research includes: Detection and consideration of effective factors for increasing job satisfaction in employed experts in central organization of Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution. The research has been performed by descriptive and dependency methods. The statistical societies of research are all the experts of central organization of Martyr Foundation of Islamic Revolution that the improbable sampling method has been given to 100 persons who have been selected as the samples of this research. For measurement of job satisfaction many ways have been tested such as: Evaluation measurements, interview, sensitive events, clear behaviors, comparing the images and actionable tendencies that researcher has used questionnaire to recognize the job satisfaction and mini Sota which is one of the evaluation balances. For the purpose of analysis of statistical datum the variance analyzing method has been used which clear grades and positions and belongs to Frid Man also agreement coefficient of Choprof and dependency coefficient of Pirson have been used, the findings indicate that: From the total number of respondents about 2.51 % of respondents have not expressed satisfaction towards their jobs. 85.3 % of them have shown satisfaction in the educational group of upper-diploma qualification and higher degrees. Also there is a direct relation among the educational levels, working backgrounds, reasonable jobs, manager capability, job safety, problematic point of job with job satisfaction.
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