News ID: 14218
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 02:38
Foroogh Akbar Niya
Since the province university students consist 60 % of the total capacity of all university students and this number would be added to them, so paying attention to this class of university student could be counted so important and its significances should be considered. The objective of mentioned research is helping to detection the problems and removing the welfare shortages in the dormitories for university students and providing some information in this field to the junior responsible persons that this matter will cause the growth of university students mentally and spiritually, and will make the ready and prepare to enter to higher society and for acceptance of responsibilities. The using method of this research is descriptive. The statistical society that have been studied include all the female university students that stay in the dormitories of Kosar, Aghasiyeh, Tavanir and Afaf which are related to Shahed universities and totally are about 715 students. The capacity of statistical sample that includes 90 persons, have been selected randomly. The tool for gathering information is the four-option questionnaire, so the provided results of this research indicate that:
1. There is a relation between affectionate, mental, health problems and living problems in dormitories.
2. There is a relation between Educational falling of university students and living problems in dormitories.
3. There is a relation between the operation of supervisor and cultural behaviors with living problems in the dormitories.
4. There is a relation between material status and University student’s problems.
5. There is no high relation between having relation with roommate and satisfaction from staying in dormitories.
6. One of the thought problems of non-local university students is dormitory and the problem of providing that.
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