News ID: 14216
Publish Date: 21 December 2006 - 02:34
Mohammad Poor Heidariyan
This research considers the mode of passing free times of teenagers in Shahed housing areas of West Islam Abad city and the research method is done by measurement. The statistical societies are all the teenagers that are living in Shahed housing areas in West Islam Abad city. The statistical societies in this research are all the teenagers of families that live in Shahed housing areas in West Islam city. After gathering information and collecting the results of questionnaire from frequency distribution, the average grade of K Score the descriptive and presumptive methods were used. The sampling persons who have been studied are about 50 persons that about 27 boys and 23 girls from martyr's families are consisted in this research. The results which have been provided in this field indicate that:
1. There is no any likeness and relation between the two genders for spending their times during night and day, in a way that boys prefer to spend their free times to go to sporting clubs, watching television, going to public sides of parks and cinema. But the girls prefer to stay in family environment.
2. The more the educational level be lower, the mode of passing time with non-lecture books would be lesser.
3. By increasing revenue and salaries the mode of passing time with resting, listening to radio and participation in religious occasions would be reduced. By increasing the level of revenue and salary the mode of passing free times by going to park and sporting clubs would be increased.
4. Those people, who have little revenue, mostly are willing to pass their free times by watching T.V.
5. The majority answer of boys and girls in this field is related to their responsibility and most of them ask the sporting clubs to be established more for them that in the first degree they would be able to pass their free times by this point and they wish to have lesser contact with lectures and lecture issues.
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