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Human as the major essence of existential system, has always been the most important axis for all debates, and during history he has allocated many debates, conferences and books for analysis, criticism, and investigation in his own personality, in the meanwhile, these two various existences and sexes, and some theoreticians’ ignorance of biological and psychological facts of any one of these sexes, especially women, have has many negative consequences and caused great challenges in fulfilling their rights. No doubt, as long as there is correct acquaintance with real nature of a woman, discussion about her cultural, juridical, individual and social bases will be very irrational. From this aspect, during history various movements have been appeared in order to achieve success in this case. The most important of the movements was “movement of women”? or the women’s liberal movement that is known as feminism movement.
Human as the major essence of existential system, has always been the most important axis for all debates, and during history he has allocated many debates, conferences and books for analysis, criticism, and investigation in his own personality, in the meanwhile, these two various existences and sexes, and some theoreticians’ ignorance of biological and psychological facts of any one of these sexes, especially women, have has many negative consequences and caused great challenges in fulfilling their rights.
No doubt, as long as there is correct acquaintance with real nature of a woman, discussion about her cultural, juridical, individual and social bases will be very irrational. From this aspect, during history various movements have been appeared in order to achieve success in this case. The most important of the movements was “movement of women”? or the women’s liberal movement that is known as feminism movement.

A: a look at feminism course and the revival of women’s rights in the world
This word is used for those social movements that attempt women can achieve opportunities and possibilities equal to men in all political, economic and social aspects. Although, organization of feminism movement is attributed to the end of the 19th century, its exact advent is considered contemporary with the great revolution of France (1789-1799). To establish the republican system and decline of the royal system, act of human rights was approved in parliament of France. Not to take into account of women and remove of their rights were from the specialties of this act. Olimp De Gung who he himself had role in the great revolution of France, proposed an act to parliament and defended women’s rights of work, juridical rights in family, right of speech liberty, and independent parliament for them. This act wasn’t approved and caused the death of proposes. This course continued in the interior and exterior of France. Gradually, with occurrence of industrial revolution in Europe, and the need for cheap work force, and women’s attendance in factories and industrial workshops, the new courses were fanned in west. Existence of various difficulties in workplace and damageability of women beside home making, caused dissatisfaction for women’s society.
Labor movements were counted the most powerful force for fulfillment of women rights in those years. After developing Democracy and its bases, and giving voting right to men in 70th decade of 19th century, and women’s deprivation of voting right and political participation, discrimination between men and women become more outstanding and overt. As till the end of second decade of 20th century, the most major application of feminists was to give the voting right to women. Feminism course that has begun in the beginning of 19th century was entitled the first wave of feminism till the second decade of 20th century (1920) when the voting right was given to women in America. Achieving equal civil and political rights were it’s the most important specialties. But the second wave of this movement has begun from 1970. The second wave’s axial motto was the exact equality of man and woman at all social, psychological and cultural arenas. Motto of “women without men”?; and the extensive occurrence of manly behaviors by women were begun from this very same decade. In this period, to emphasize on celibacy and decry marriage and encourage women to extensive participation in economic activities, feminists aggravated this wave. French”? Simon Dubuvar”? whom leading of this course is attributed to him, says in his original book (the second sex): to accept active roles such as motherhood and wife, women prepare the background of men’s domination. Women must refuse to accept such roles and rival men in the stage of work and social activities. In this case, public viewpoint about women will change.
Third wave of feminism formed, in more excess level, on the base of the second wave’s inclination. It caused women consider that the base of oppression on them is on the existence of manly culture, and they believed that all human knowledge have organized on the base of manly viewpoints, and they must have womanly look at world in order to rescue from this culture, and present a womanly interpretation of world. Therefore, they engaged in studying all of human knowledge, and changed the manner of its explanation and interpretation, and caused to create various feminism inclinations and parties. Common ground of these inclinations was such a manner that the most of the advantages of any one of that knowledge have allocated for women. The most important parties consist: Liberal feminism, Marxism feminism, Radical feminism, social feminism, and postmodern feminism.
B: results of feminism in world
Attempting to remove these discriminations and improper sexual oppressions, women’s socio-political participations, enjoyment of rights of ownership and economic independence, women’s self-assurance for attendance in economic, political and social arenas, promotion of women’s scientific, cultural and art level, are from positive specialties of feminism movement. However, negative results of this movement arose from incorrect policies of its theoretician, damaged human society severely, and behavior decline in west indicates this great crises.
Dissolution of family foundation, informal and illegal marriages, continual divorces, and birth of illegitimate children, have destroyed the role of family as a safe base for spiritual and psychological tranquility, and it even manifests its influences on society. Existence of children with single parent, childbirth in old ages, the technology of procreation or phenomenon of mediator mothers (mothers whom others accept them as container of fetus and she sustain the trouble of renting and receive money for that), foundlings, employment of parents and escape from sentimental and training responsibilities, despise motherhood role and train a damageable, aggressive, immoral and abnormal generation, all are results of dissolution of family foundation. On the other hand, the circulation of sex business and the use of face, stature and sound of woman as a tool in commercial and political propagandas portrays a new kind of despise of women’s personality and slavery of them.
Nowadays, in many regions of world, human nobility and spirituality of woman is questioned because of ignorance and foolishness of some women, and aggressors and corrupts, in the form of women’s liberty, are planning to plunder her nobility. Therefore oppression that they have exerted to women became greater and more dangerous. Yeah, those days’ oppressions were often bodily, but today they are mental, spiritual, psychical and natural, and its results are more expensive and heavy.
It is a portion of the most major crimes that have been committed to various societies’ women especially European societies. Now we must perceive the cause of appearing of these paradoxical values.
We cannot deny that theoretical weakness of west philosophers and leaders of this movement are one of the most vital factors in occurrence of these calamities. Should achieving such values to women be on the price of questioning her moral and human personality? No one denies this fact that deprivation of women of voting right and political or social participation is a very foolish matter and extremely overt oppression.
First wave of feminism could revive this right with much effort, but the second and third waves, with their own excesses, without correct futuristic perception, without acquaintance with facts and abilities of women, paved the way for a painful human incident. But why it should be so? Unfortunately, because there hasn’t been a comprehensive and proper religion in west, and because of”? reconstruction of religion”? phenomenon base on experience and wisdom after middle ages till now, different groups of human societies have became toy of western philosophers’ theories. In this universal crisis and this lifetime full of disturbance, contradiction and opposition, between congestion of disorder and riot, introduce a correct program in order to fulfill human bliss can content seekers of reality, and can fulfill wishes and aims that woman have been making them during centuries. In our opinion, nowadays that danger of mental fall involves some people and drew nearer to another group, to rely upon such a method one can escape from danger, and build a firm blockhouse for preserving and keeping from himself and make heartfelt defense of his thought and belief. This matter itself make mission and responsibility of informed people especially accomplished selfless women be more.
Strengthening foundation in this age contrary to last ages is a kind of awakening and awareness has appeared for women who request their own development. Because according to unsuccessful measures and movements that took place in any corner of world, they have achieved such a degree of experience that they should not give themselves for a class that they recognize them, in order to not seize with subsequent difficulties. From this viewpoint, in this article, we want to explain the role and responsibility of accomplished selfless women in various dimensions especially family forming and strengthening its foundation.
a) Religious life: in the period of mental collisions and contradictions, and in modern ignorance age, anyone needs a correct, authentic and divine program for rescue them from whirlpool of thoughts and superstitions of some scientists and psychologists, and give them to destination of human bliss. No doubt, today human, more than last ages, involve in mental, sentimental, moral, economic, political and the most important of them religious contradictions, and want to rescue him from these improper conditions and select a way to his bliss.
Only thing that can be helpful in this case, and remove obstacles and difficulties, is rely upon the rescuer rope of divine religion.
b) Proper pattern accepting: to rescue her from these difficulties, modern woman need a model for her all human dimensions in fight against great oppression. Nowadays, woman has tired and exhausted from these all schools making, rumors, and useless efforts, and request a model in order to save her from evils and content her conscience and nature. Not only in Iran, but also in throughout of world, modern woman wants model, seeks a successful model in divine blissful life, and requests a paragon worth following, in order to find the manner of existence and survival under protection of that.
Besides, role of accomplished selfless women is a serious, sensitive and vital responsibility both in revival of school and religious life of others, and in introducing precious personalities. In fact, if culture of fighting oppression and seeking truth don’t found in a society, existence of people even accomplished and selfless in society will be useless, and because of majority ignorance, the few too will burn in the fire of despondency and petrifaction.
Great and successful revolutions could ruin oppressors when they held torch of justice and awareness. The first paces for victory is explanation of divine school principles, and subsequently introduce free and learned people, and refusal to outward and artificial models.
c) Training personalities: Sociologists count the manner of direct influence of individual on family, family on society from vital principles in determination of societies’ nature. This linear route is observed in Islam true religion overtly; and therefore, the first ideology of Islam’s bright lamp is summed up in individual personality of woman. To emphasize on seeking knowledge and improving cultural level of women and also strict instruction on veil and self-possession that are two vital elements of knowledge and moral; the most important factors of rescuing women from corruption whirlpools, Islam presented detailed instructions for the manner of execution of these two important affairs, too. Therefore, one of the accomplished selfless women’s duties is establishment of moral and scientific spaces, because women recognize their real identity in the shape of knowledge and deed, and engage in training their essences, as better as possible.
From this view, we can recognize effective the establishment of religious boards in homes and mosques for improving the scientific, moral level and in more extensive area culture houses.
d) Family forming: marriage is a favorite affair, and a kind submits to creation tradition. Creation system is based on matrimony, and being singleness is considered departing away from this system. Achieving perfection is impossible and impractical without marriage, and one is the greatest scholar and constantly is in the path of development, is not perfect unless he is married.
There are many great aims and purposes are possible just under protection of marriage; for example tranquility and repose that play an important role in rational decisions, or procreation that under its protection prolific earth with observation of conditions, and worships will become perfect and absolute, and human deed place him in the line of the pure and friends of god. As two genuflections prayer of a married person is better and higher than a single person’s seventy genuflections prays.
Important point in marriage is the achievement of marital life that there are humane virtues in that, and brings about in truth the development and perfection of human; otherwise, it is not worth the trouble a marriage that cause disturbance of mind. Marriage should be informed, purposeful, and select and thinking and it’s based on relying human moral qualities and faith. Man and woman would become partner each other, which is they become spouse; coordinate, what is Islam remembered it as equality.
In marriage, one should search the criterions that be impressive, not fame bringing. To select a spouse, nobility, faith and piety should be bear in mind, not property of person and society. Because family is like a ring that links person to society, and with his tranquility in his circle, prepares him for achieving a higher society.
From the aforementioned remarks, we conclude that if we want to explain sufficiently the role and responsibility of an accomplished selfless woman in family forming, it will be out of the topic of this article. Therefore, we attempt to explain shortly these duties.
a) To consider the explanations, the first step for family forming is the marriage, and no doubt, success in this affair is one of the most important phases of life for achievement true bliss. If this important affair performed with consideration of the criterions that we counted them, success in that will be certain. Moreover, in explaining the requirements for the marriage, we should consider that two radical axes for marital life: 1) the axis of compatibility 2) the axis of economy and welfare
Man and woman should begin their own new life with these two radical requirements. However, in this subject, welfare means the preparation of the least facilities for a peaceful life; facilities that two sides content it in order to begin their life reputably.
b) No doubt, if base and foundation of present life have formed in a good manner, its strengthening would be very easier. Certainly, in a marital life, there are difficulties and obstructions that a selfless woman can easily tolerate them with patience. Moreover, we should not neglect the exigencies of the marriage. Essential exigency are qualities such as keeping family circle, bringing up and training the child, improving scientific and cultural level according to talents, capabilities and other things. All these responsibilities result in strengthening family foundation if they are observed properly.
c) if model accepting that is a vital factor in achievement and progression of life, is observed, certainly quality of family forming and strengthening of its foundation will be very easier. Therefore, we instance some cases from the life of pattern of the world’s greatest, Zahra.
1) Because she informed Ali’s equality, fellowship, sympathy, companionship, and his intimacy and consultation ability, and because of that, she was happy to marry Ali.
2) Being honorable the marriage: Ali was glorying ever in Fatimah, and Fatimah was glorying in marriage with Ali, and this is from essential factors in boasting the moral of development and compatibility of spouses.
3) Accompanying and compatibility: Zahra has lived in Ali’s house for 9 years. During these years, she hasn’t had any request or demand from him. And she didn’t want Ali to should any burden.
She was hungry, Ali asked: “why did not you say this?”? she said: I am ashamed god to want you anything that you don’t have ability to do that. She was intimate confidant, comfort, protector of Ali. This affair was extensive that if Ali met a problem, he would say: “I go home in order to talk Zahra and be calm”?
This was observed in all of their joint lifetime.
4) Love and fellow combating: their love toward each other was in from that it had ideological color and they two were fellow combatant. Fatimah was defending Ali’s thoughts, and Ali too was defending her thoughts.
5) Bringing up and training child: Fatimah recognized the matter of training as a developing, effective, affair and the rescuer of human from dangers and accidents. She knew that progress or degeneration of a person or society can be summed in the protection of training. She had such a viewpoint in life, and knew that neglect it especially in the childhood that child is flexible as good as an unripe branch, results in the great damages on person and society.
Thus, she has remembered his father’s words:”? you all honor your children and train them well”? because you are responsible for them.
6) Importance of housewifery: Fatimah made the house a school and university not only for her own children, but for Muslim women in order to ask their religious questions. She was not among those who make little of housewifery. She informed this point that family circle and it’s managing, is not less important than a country, and even it is the base of management a country. She too knew and had listened from Mohammad: serving at home has reward and it is a good deed that any other work can’t equal it.
- Aforesaid points were a part of Fatimah’s measures in affair of family forming and strengthening its foundation. You observed that how (with having the correct perception and tolerating difficulties.) she could become the sample of world’s women and unique woman of human world. With a brief look at aforesaid points, we conclude that women of any society should find ever their talents and possibilities to their development, and they should go through the development way, step by step. To rely upon their own knowledge, if accomplished women find principles and methods of scientific development, and to believe in their faiths based on self-abnegation, if they step for reviving it, no doubt, we will witness more improvements of this class in Islamic society.
If accomplished selfless women take ever the symbol of pattern accepting their lead of way, no doubt they will achieve their own human aims. To investigate the life of Fatimah and Ali that was full of affection, sympathy, consultation and intimacy, our woman should be compatible with their husbands, and consider their husbands as compliment for marital life. The sweetness of life is summed up in affection and sympathy, not property. Life of them (Fatimah and Ali) is a paragon for our life. If we didn’t have the ability to live as well as them, god never would remember them as pattern and paragon. Paragon and pattern is meaningful when we can execute their life’s principles and methods in our marital life.
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