News ID: 12293
Publish Date: 22 November 2006 - 03:57
Nowadays improving personnel generally and teaching them especially while there are working, are considered to be two main determining factors in promotion of staff and consequently causing them to be more efficacious. This research tries to answer two questions. Did presented trainings have affected staff to promote? If so then to what extent? Did the training courses of Martyrs Foundation have faced any weaknesses in planning, application and evaluation of trainees? If so then what kind of weaknesses? This is a field research and the applied method is causality. Research community includes all ordinary and expert staff of Martyrs foundation and the professors of training courses too. Applied methods are Observation, interview and questionnaire for collecting information. The analysis of collected data from descriptive and inferential methods sowed that: 1- while work training courses of managers didn't have efficient influence on manager's promotion. 2- While work training courses had efficient influence on social workers. 3- Results of observations based on function of training system of Martyrs foundation shows that it was weak in planning and educational evaluation, but it was relatively in good situation in accomplishing the training programs.
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