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Publish Date: 21 November 2006 - 02:21
Especial increments are a plan based on revenue which is applied about the salary payment of medical centers. This research has been done considering the views of medical center staff on the way especial increments are paid in martyrs foundation hospitals and analyzing the results in different points of view. This research had covered all the staff of Martyrs foundation hospitals in Tehran whom are paid especial increments through questionnaire. The results showed that applying the plan had following results:
1. Increase in accepting patients (%33.83), unfounded expectation of authorities from staff (%56.66), stress and mental anguish among the staff (%56.66), being punctual (%78.71), complaining patients of the staff (%05.55), existing stink in hospitals, final medical costs (%74.95), medical mistakes (%75.43) . 2- Decrease in treatment quality (%55.43), satisfaction of staff about the real value of their services (%74.55), paying attention to skillfulness (%37.45), paying attention to innovation (%26.44), improvement of relationship among staff ( %05.55), use and maintenance of hospital equipments in training-center hospitals of martyrs foundation (%56.74).
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