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Publish Date: 20 November 2006 - 07:28
Encouragement and punishment are two main tools of progress in an association. Pinpointing the weak points of staff and neglecting their capabilities by managers, is another problem in vogue in associations. This is a descriptive- deductive research which is done to consider Encouragement and punishment discipline in Islamic revolution martyrs foundation and its influence on staff- function. Statistical community includes: all the staff in different sections of Martyrs foundation of Islamic Republic in Khorasan, Semnan and Golestan province except high managers and their assistances in each educational level. Samples were 165 who were chosen randomly. Research tool was questionnaire. Statistical Test (X2) and Ratio and Test (Z) were used to analyze data. The result of research is as follows: despite objecting using the usual methods of evaluation, encouragement and punishment the staff were active in applying their capabilities as much as possible to do the services with high quality. Most of them believed that because working in Martyrs foundation somehow depends on religious beliefs so that the matter of Evaluation-Punishment and Encouragement should be excluded. There is a logic relationship between equitable encouragement Punishment and promotion of staff.
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