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Publish Date: 20 November 2006 - 03:16
Job satisfaction is defined as a conscious general and positive conception of a person towards his/her job which is a result of several mutual individual, social and associative relationships. This research considers job satisfaction level among Martyrs foundation staff and its effective factors. It is a measurement method. Statistical community includes all working staff in Khorasan Martyrs foundation staff as 109 out of 226 were chosen randomly. Research tool is questionnaire. Statistical methods which were used are as follows: Regression analysis, factor analysis, T-F test. The results show that: among 5 variables of job satisfaction the highest rank related to coworker-satisfaction percent (52.3) and the lowest level related to salary and sundry increments (7.2). Among the motivating factors their interest in their jobs averaged (12.4) and getting financial reward (72.2). Among social justice, the average of employees satisfaction of social justice equals: 45.2, and general satisfaction of all with law equals: 1.97 and the average of observing competences and merits in appointments equals: (2.2) was the lowest level, So that, the sense of lack of social justice was effective in dissatisfaction of employees of their jobs. Undertaking level in associations was a little bit more than the average (3.3). Undertaking sense, observing the rules and discipline had the highest level and sufficiency of equipments for the aims of association had the lowest level of average that is, the staff considered the existing facilities insufficient for the aims of association. Religion had the highest influence on job satisfaction level among the staff and they believed they are worshiping as they are on duty. Among the variables like as: association liabilities, motives, management, justice in appointment, and sense of justice in society the last one had more influence than others.
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