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Publish Date: 20 November 2006 - 03:09
Self-respect is of high importance concerning deed and action of a child, and it is related to its mental and social hygiene and their educational function. End of research is considering self-respect and recognizing mental features of Shahed children and consequently offering suitable methods to resolve them. It is a causality-comparative research. Community of research includes all Shahed and non-Shahed students of Guidance-course in Ivan Ghareb City (Ilam province). Research samples include 100 divided into 4 groups of 25 students as 25 Shahed girls 25 non Shahed 25 Shahed boy and 25 non-Shahed boy. Information gathering tool is self-respect test method of Cooper Smith. The results show that: 1- No meaningful difference was observed among Shahed and non-Shahed male and female students concerning their self-respect was observed .2- There was no expressive difference concerning the self-respect between Shahed male and female students. 3- There was no expressive difference between the self-respect of non-Shahed male students comparing with non-Shahed female students. 4- Shahed and non-Shahed female students hold the same proportion of self-respect.
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