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Publish Date: 20 November 2006 - 03:03
Since more than 60 percent of the university students are from outskirts then it is a matter of importance and should be concerned. The end of this research is to recognize the shortcomings in their dormitories and to resolve them, and reporting related information for those in charge. This effort causes them to grow intellectually and mentally and prepares them to live in a larger society accepting some responsibilities. This is a descriptive research. Research community includes all female students living in Koothar, Aghdaseeyeh, Tavaneer and Efaf dormitories of Shahed who amount to 715. 90 out of total were chosen randomly. Information gathering tool is multiple-choice questionnaire. The results are as following: 1- There is a relationship between emotional, mental, hygienic problems and living problems in dormitories. 2- There is a relationship between drop-outs and living difficulties in dormitories. 3- There is a relationship between the cultural behaviors of the supervisor and living difficulties in dormitories. 4- There is a relationship between marriage percentage and students€™ problems. 5- No obvious relation was reported concerning mutual relationship among roommates and being satisfied staying in dormitories. 6- Mental disturbance of outskirt students is getting a dormitory.
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