News ID: 96534
Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:32
Degree : Official Management
Supervisor : Mohammad Saebi

At present there are different organizations that are aimed at helping people in our country. These organizations have their own article of foundation, organization, and their own methods; they also have specific aims. The preset research has been conducted with the aim of the current issues in the massive planning of the country in order to mix such organizations. It sets as it main goal the investigation of the performance of the Islamic Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans’ Affairs in case of intermixing with the other organizations. Therefore in the Islamic Foundations of Martyrs and Veterans’ Affairs of the 8 cities of Boushehr 110 personnel were investigated by the use of questionnaire. The research methodology is descriptive and is of practical kind. Statistical analysis of the data collected was done by the use of Binomial test. The findings of the research showed that the respondents were interested in changing, developing and finally combining these institutions and accordingly this alterations need suitable and compatible organizations and the statistical findings approve this.
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