News ID: 96531
Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:30
Degree : Industrial Management
Supervisor : Poor Ebrahimi

The present project is discussing about how to help each other in order to achieve personal goals and help talents grow for the better being of life.
This research is going to present information about giving social aids by the use of valid sources that are: Social aid and its meanings, purposes of giving aid, processes of giving aid, how to be a professional aid giver, aid giving skills, paradigms of giving social aids, principles of interview in giving social aid, counseling … Being familiar with the Islamic Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans’ Affairs and the methods of giving social aid in the Islamic Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans’ Affairs and finally amending and promoting the methods of giving aid by the use of descriptive or qualitative and in case possible by the use of mathematical methods and investigating the weak and strong points as well as presenting practical and acceptable suggestions for decreasing the expenses and decreasing the tedium of the social aid givers as well as preventing any waste of time are subjects that are discussed in this research.
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