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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:29
Leila Ahmadi and Mariam Mohammadi

Mechanization and the Informative Website of Islamic Martyrs’ Foundation of Qazvin Province

Computer Engineering _ Software
Degree : Computer Engineering _ Software
Supervisor : Sharifi

The present research is about software which is designed for classifying the information about shahed students of Qazvin Province and presenting that information on the net. It is able to save the information from the input of 1 / 2. It is able to provide the users with the statistics by the use of expository charts that are connected to the data base. It is able to provide printable lists in different areas by the encoded forms that are connected to the data base. It is in addition able to broadcast voice and film. The users are able to use the excel worksheets. It provides the users with the facility of verifying photos and pictures that need to be changed.
In order to achieve these goals the following software were used: Access 97 (to establish the data base), Visual Basic 6 (in order to provide all the possibilities), word 2000 (to type the wills of the martyrs and …), front page 2000 (to beatify the web pages and connecting all the pages together) and internet explorer (to call for participation and performance of the program) and these have to come under Windows NT5 and be exhibited and presented in the internet by Qazvinnei net.
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