News ID: 96420
Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 07:22
Degree : Librarianship
Supervisor : Abd Al Rasoul Jowkar

The present research is aimed at investigating and studying the degree of degree of studying and reading books among martyrs’ children of Shiraz in high schools, universities and Faculty of Medicine in Shiraz University. It also intends to study the performance of the Cultural Units of the Martyrs’ Foundation of Shiraz. The research methodology is statistical and the means of collecting data was questionnaire. The research community is composed of the shahed students studying in high schools, universities and Faculty of Medicine in Shiraz University from among whom the researcher has chosen 317 persons as samples.
The findings of the research indicate that:
1.The degree of studying and reading books is the same among male and female shahed students.
2.The shahed children devote most of their time to watch TV and then they pass their time with reading books, journals and magazines.
3.The scientific books are the books that the shahed children are most interested in and the degree of the interest in scientific books is more among male shahed students compared to the female shahed students. Then they are most interested in literary, religious and historical books.
4.The high price of the books, bulky volume of the text books are two factors that dissatisfy students from studying and reading books.
5.The research samples believe that the activities and performances of the cultural unit of the Martyrs’ Foundation were poor especially about the way the shahed students study.
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